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We create Value.  We create Exits.  We create Sustainability.

If your company is between $5 and $50 million in revenues but not producing earnings like it should, we can help.

Our Mission is to create value for existing owners who know they have a great company, but have not been able to realize the consistent earnings that they know is possible.  Rooted in operational excellence and strategic finance, we provide expert advice for owners and investors who have struggled to increase their company’s profits.


We are the solution to the owner who knows that there are profits being lost due to poor execution or wants to prepare the company now for an eventual transaction.


Here’s what you can expect.

  • A hands-on style.  We work with you in your company.

  • Sustainable solutions.  We create process improvements that are permanent.

  • A “metrics” driven approach.  We will show you how to run your company by the numbers.

  • Increased employee accountability and morale.


What others have said.


Peter provided myself and my executive team with valuable counsel, advice and leadership, first as a consultant, then as interim COO. He guided us through a post merger period of transition. Peter is easy to work with and gets along great with everyone. He can be trusted to deliver both great results and difficult advice with equal professionalism and candor.  

Jeff Walpole, Founder, CEO

If there is one person I will be forever thankful for, it would be Peter O’Sullivan. Peter came to our rescue during a difficult time of leadership transition and organization change. He quickly brought harmony and cohesiveness to the organization with his gift of leadership and strong project management skills. I am pleased to recommend him to anyone in need of a strong leader, strategic thinker, and driver of change.  

Lauren Abrams, CEO

Peter proved to be an impactful and results-oriented consultant. He drove home the idea of “business basics first,” which was a useful and welcome approach to our highly technical, services-oriented business. I referred to him as the batting coach – great at working with you between games, helping you build the knowledge and confidence to go out there and face the tough pitches.

Michael Morris, Partner & EVP

Bottom line, one of the best business minds I’ve ever come across.

John Kenny, SVP Sales

Peter is wise and concise. He has assisted us in zeroing in on critical numbers, asked the right questions and given great input on strategies.

David Chong, Founder & Owner

Certainly we were doing the job; we have exceptional growth. But the company had grown up around us, and we had been doing many things the same way for years. The180Group has helped us to better leverage our employees, to empower them and has helped them to manage their managers better.

James Martin, Partner & Owner

Peter was the calming force that helped create structure within the operations group that fit the needs of senior leadership. I witnessed him set up metrics that measured performance that led to production and healthy competition.

Paul Matthews, Shareholder, HR Director

Peter is results-focused.  He helps those around him “keep an eye on the scoreboard” and combines (his) business expertise with a focused and realistic approach to organizational improvement.

Rich Tolocka, Partner & Vice President

Execution is essential to strategy and with Peter’s ability to execute any vision can be realized. Peter sees the potential of a vision and can concretely define ways to make it real. He is a high energy leader that engages everyone in the change process so that they become owners of the change.

Claudia Russell, Founder & President

  • 9th Nov, 2015